WormWords is a simple, but fiendishly challenging game for word lovers. Simply link horizontally and vertically neighbouring letters in the grid to form words. What could be easier!

✭✭✭✭✭ 'Deceptively tricky and remarkably addictive!' - Australian App Store review

Of course you need to find all of the words in a grid to get a decent score. If you are playing against the list of ~250,000 possible words that can be tough. Perhaps it is best to start off "easy" and play with the list of only ~60,000 more common words.

If it all gets too frustrating you can turn on hints to help you find those last elusive words. Or you can switch between two active games to give yourself a break. If you persevere and complete a grid without hints, you can opt to continue on a new grid and really rack up your score.

✭✭✭✭✭ 'Choose the 'Common' word list if you value your sanity. A game for casual masochists, this. Utterly absorbing and, if you add a 'seed' word when you start a new game, you can share the pain with friends. 5 stars may not be quite enough. :)' - UK App Store review

WormWords is packed with features including searchable word lists, game of the day, game seeds, dictionary lookup of words you don't know (thanks to Wordnik), high scores tracked on Game Centre, and sharing on Twitter or Facebook from within the app. You can even email a game to another player.

No ads or in app purchases, just the full featured app for one low price on the App Store.

WormWords runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iOS 7.1 or higher. Word definitions require network access. Sharing on Twitter and Facebook require accounts on those systems. Sharing scores on Game Center requires sign-on.