MrsMcsMaths is a quick, no fuss way to practice some fundamental maths on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. 

Choose from six levels of increasing difficulty. Each level has nine repeatable sets of 20 questions and an option that selects a random set of 20 questions each time. There is a two minute time limit on each set, and up to three attempts at each question.

MrsMcsMaths focusses on two integer addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The first level focusses on "friends of ten" and addition and subtraction of small numbers (no negative results and no carries). The levels progress adding more complex features gradually - carrying, borrowing, larger numbers, multiplication, integer division and negative results. Tapping the level name shows a brief description of the level and some example questions.

MrsMcsMaths lets you choose which level and set to use at any time. It does not enforce a specific path through the levels or requires you to "complete" a set or a level before proceeding. Simply use the levels and sets that suit what you want to practice. 

MrsMcsMaths keeps a history of recent results. Optionally a name can be associated with a result. The current name can be simply changed at the start of any set of questions. This allows the app to be shared easily by many people on a single device (for example in a classroom). The name is just a label on a result, it does not require any account set-up or sign-in.

The results are stored on the iPad and can be cleared at any time (from under the information option at the top right of the main screen). No user or result information is stored outside the iPad or sent over the internet. The MrsMcsMaths privacy policy is here.

Of course MrsMcsMaths contains no advertising or in app purchases, just good old fashioned maths.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feedback about MrsMcsMaths.