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HV-Dialer Introduction

This page provides a quick introduction to the HV-Dialer application. If you have specific questions about a feature that is not covered here, try the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Handy tip: Keep HV-Dialer easy to find by putting it on the navigation bar at the bottom of your iPhone screen. To do this, press and hold any icon until they all start to jiggle. Drag one of the icons off the bar and drop it on a spare spot on the main screen. Drag the HV-Dialer icon onto the bar. Press the home button to stop the jiggling.

HV-Dialer has three main sections, which you move between by touching the three icons at the bottom of the screen. The sections are 'Favourites', 'Contacts' and 'Settings'

When you open HV-Dialer for the first time you will see the 'Contacts' section, with a list of all of the contacts from the address book on your iPhone (as stored in the Contacts application).

The contacts are sorted in alphabetical order (surname then first name). You can move up and down the list by scrolling. To select a contact simply tap an entry. This will take you to the call confirmation screen.

If the contact has multiple numbers these are indicated by the arrows next to the number. Swipe left or right to move through the list of numbers for this contact.

To call the selected number press the green 'CALL' button. The iPhone phone application will appear and the number will be dialed. When you have completed the call, exit the phone application.

To add the selected number to your favourites list press the '+' button at the top left of the screen. It will turn into a '-' to indicate that the number has been added. Pressing the button again will remove it from the favourites.

To go back to the 'Contacts' list, press the red 'CANCEL' button.

From the 'Contacts' section you can go to the 'Favourites' list by touching the star icon on the bottom left of the screen.

Favourites provides an easy way to organise frequently used numbers. Each entry represents a single number. The blue icons on the right of the entry indicate the type of number (M for Mobile, W for Work, H for Home etc).

To call a favourite number, simply double tap the entry. 

The favourites list can be reordered, or entries can be deleted by editing the list from the 'Settings' section.

Go to the 'Settings' section by touching the checkmark icon at the botom right of the screen.

From the 'Settings' section you can customise the behaviour of the application (e.g. change the font size, show a confirm screen before dialing from the favourites list). You can also reset all settings to the default values. 

From the 'Settings' section you can go to the 'About' screen that provides information about the application and links to web resources about HV-Dialer and Orielton Software.

From 'About' you can send feedback to us about the application by touching the 'Send Feedback by Email' button. This will take you to an email composition screen, populated with our details.

From 'About' touch the 'Back' button to get back to 'Settings'.


That is a whirlwind tour of HV-Dialer. If you have specific questions about a feature that is not covered here, try the Frequently Asked Questions page or the Known Bugs page.

We hope you find HV-Dialer easy to use and useful. Enjoy!