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Friday 18 October 2019 - It is with not a little sadness that I have removed the Orielton Software apps from the Apple App Store.


Over a period of years I have not been successful with my strategy of “No advertising or in app purchases, just simple purchase of full featured apps at a low price”. The revenue from the apps came nowhere close to covering even the direct costs of running the business, let alone providing any income to enable ongoing maintenance and development.

For now this site will remain active as the home of the Orielton Software Blog, and perhaps a home for news about future software ventures. The Racing Demon Quick Start page is still available here.

Thanks to all who have used my apps over the years and particularly those who have provided feedback and encouragement.

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The joys and challenges of being a solo software developer and running a micro development business from semi-rural Tasmania. Posts on digital life, iOS development and app news.

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