If you are tired of playing the same old patience, perhaps it is time to step up to Grimes!

Grimes is a challenging form of patience, requiring skill, a good memory and a bit of luck. Grimes is easy to learn but hard to master.

The game is played with two complete decks of cards, dealt into a grid of piles with Aces and Kings of each suit on either side. The aim is to move all of the cards onto the Aces and Kings. The twist is that as the game progresses you get to look at some of the piles and re-arrange the cards within them as you wish. This is where the strategy (and some of the luck) comes in.

Of course, if you find Grimes too challenging you can also relax with a hand or two of old fashioned Sevens patience. The app includes help to teach you the rules of both Grimes and Sevens.

As you play Grimes you can earn badges to mark your progress towards Grimes mastery and to commemorate special achievements. Do you have what it takes to make it to All Conquering High Wizard? Or to earn the Three Swords, a Water Phoenix or a Double Eagle?

Grimes is packed with other features including hints and unlimited undos. Share your Grimes experiences on Twitter or Facebook from within the app. Choose between two custom developed card designs. For the seriously geeky the score history lets you analyse your performance over many games.

No ads or in app purchases, just the full featured app for one low price on the App Store.

Grimes runs on iPad and requires iOS 9.0 or later. Badges require Game Center sign in. Twitter and Facebook require accounts on those services.