EmTy is a timer app specifically designed to support your meditation practice. Simple to use but flexible enough to tailor sessions to your needs.

A timer can be as simple as a single bell or gong sounding at the end of a session. When a timer finishes there is no need to "switch off the alarm", the timer simple ends leaving you to complete your session peacefully.

More complex timers can be easily created to support your practice. Perhaps a bell after a couple of minutes of settling to signal the start of a specific exercise, or a bell a minute before the end to start gently transitioning from your meditation. Perhaps a bell every minute to prompt you to alternate between different exercises. Perhaps just a few bells during the session to bring you back to the present if your mind has wandered.

The scratch timer feature lets you quickly create a new timer. It can be as easy as setting the duration and touching start. You can also easily add repeating bells, specify a starting bell, set how many times the final bell sounds or select from a range of gentle bells and gongs to use. Scratch timers can be saved for frequent use or as the starting point further customisation.

More complex timers can also be created from scratch, saved and modified as you like. EmTy makes it easy to add multiple bells (for example to add 5 bells at two minute intervals), select between three bells and two gongs, and set how many times an individual bell sounds.

EmTy includes a simple count of sessions and total time completed, which can be reset at any time.

No ads or in app purchases, just the full featured app for one low price on the App Store.

EmTy is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, and requires iOS 9.3 or later. Sound notifications need to be enabled (prompted on first use of the app, or in the Settings app on your device).