WormWords v2.0 now available


The major change is that I have removed advertising and the in app purchase of additional features. All features are now available with the purchase of the app.

The app is available to new players as a paid purchase at a very low price (less than a decent cup of coffee, or an hours parking in many places).

Everybody who previously bought the in app purchase will continue to have access to all the features under v2.0 (and will not have to “restore” the in app purchase when installing on a new device etc).

Everybody who has downloaded a previous version but did not buy the in app purchase will now have access to all the features under v2.0. I hope that you enjoy them.

Note that as part of this change I have withdrawn the “Additional Features” in app purchase from sale. This means that users of previous versions will no longer be able to purchase the additional features. This should not be an issue as you can simply update to the v2.0 (without cost) to get access to these features. The minimum requirements for the app have not changed so anybody running an earlier version will also be able to run v2.0.

The other notable change that I made with v2.0 is to remove a number of egregiously offensive words from the word lists. I have thought long and hard about this for a quite a while. I did not particularly want to get into the business of deciding which words are offensive. Different people have vastly different views on this and I have no interest in inflicting my views on others.

I eventually decided that there were a small number of words in the lists that are just purely, gratuitously offensive and I would not want to have to explain to a child. These are the words I removed (and “No” I am not going to list them here). Of course these words may still randomly appear within a grid, just as they might in the random ordering of the tiles in your hand in a game of Scrabble, but the app will not recognise them as valid words to be found.

The app remains rated at 9+ because there are valid words that may come up in the game that some will consider profanities. Parental discretion is advised. If you are concerned about whether a particular word is included you can search for it in the “Word List” menu option.

Thanks to everybody who has supported and encouraged WormWords. Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for how the app could be improved.