Racing Demon

Racing Demon future direction

I am really excited to have the initial release of Racing Demon in the App Store. This version is for two players and iPad only. There are lots of improvements that I want to make and the next version is my main focus at the moment.

Here is the list of changes that I am considering:

  • A universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Play against up to four opponents
  • Play a match over multiple hands (first to 100 points or the best score from five hands)
  • Game Center achievements
  • Audio chat between players
  • Alternate card design
  • Improved sound effects

I don't guarantee that all of these will necessarily make it into v1.1, or that this is a complete list.

Racing Demon currently supports iOS 5.1 and later meaning that as a universal app it could run on a huge range of devices (I am currently testing on an iPhone 3GS and a first generation iPad among others). I am resisting the temptation to go all out iOS 7, which would restrict the supported devices.

If you have any suggestions or feedback I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment here, or contact us through email, Twitter or