Xcode tip - expanding block placeholders

Here is a simple Xcode feature which has made me very happy recently. It is probably known to many, but I only just stumbled on it and it solves something that had been bugging me.

Xcode's feature to suggest auto-completions for method names etc is a great help. My issue was when the method takes a block as a parameter. Xcode inserts a placeholder for the block which I would select then type the block prototype (return type and parameters). As soon as you start typing the placeholder disappears and I would have to type the prototype from memory.


The feature I was not aware of is that double clicking on the placeholder replaces it with the block prototype, with a new placeholder for the block code.


How cool is that?


on 2014-02-27 11:11 by John

Thanks to @ffried on app.net for pointing out that just pressing enter on the placeholder has the same effect. My Xcode ignorance knows no bounds :)