Introducing Grimes Score History

The big new thing in Grimes v1.3 is the score history. Here is a quick introduction to this feature.

To see your score history touch the score icon at the bottom of the screen. You will also see the score history at the end of each hand (unless you change this in settings, under the G icon at the bottom left).

Score History

At first glance the score history can look a bit daunting. The score history tracks your results separately for each number of cards in the reserve pile at the start of the hand (from 10 to 24 cards, which will cover 99.989% of all games). Scores are tallied in 10% blocks (0-10%, 10-20% etc) and 100%.

This makes for a lot of information. It is shown as a heat map, with the colour indicating the relative frequency of the item (red is most frequent). Touching the map gives detailed information on a particular cell, row or column.

The top row shows the score distribution for all hands (in this image, the most common score was in the 60-70%. The left most column shows the distribution of games by the number of cards in the pile (so here the most frequent was 17 cards).

The right most column is a bit different. It shows the relative winning frequencies for each row. So in this example, the 24 card row is the reddest because I have won the one and only hand of this type (so it has a winning frequency of 100%)

If you look at the score history while playing a game it will highlight the row relevant to the current game. At the end of a game it will highlight the score you just achieved. Other times it will give a general summary of the history.

When you first start accumulating history all of the cells may be the same colour (red). This is because each item has the same count (i.e. 1 game) so has the same relative frequency. As you play more you get a wider range of values and so a wider range of colours.

The score history keeps track of all games of Grimes (not Demon) completed on the device. It doesn't synch across devices or differentiate between players. You can clear your score history at any time from settings (under the G icon at the bottom left).

I hope that you find the score history interesting.