Getting a new computer

It is always exciting when a new computer enters your life, particularly if you get to actually own it. Today is one of those days.

OK perhaps 'actually owning' a computer no longer has the air of unreality, of stepping into a science fiction novel that it had when our first machine arrived at home when I was a boy. It was the early 80s and the very idea of having your very own computer in your home, that you could use any time you wanted to took some getting used to. It is not an exaggeration to say that it was an event that changed my life.

Thirty odd years, a few machines and an IT career later, the world is a different place and getting a new computer is an unremarkable event for many people. But not me, it is still a magic and exciting thing.

It's worth a minute to think about just how much has changed in those thirty something years (the blink of an eye between my callow youth and the prime of my life). If I compare today's new arrival with that first home computer:

  • It is 10% for the price
  • It has 1 million times the memory
  • It has 13 times the number of pixels on the display
  • It is 1% the weight
  • It has twice as many processors, each running at approximately 1000 times the clock speed

Of course today's machine has capabilities that just can't be compared with that first machine, amazing features we take for granted today:

  • Full time broadband Internet access
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of programs
  • Wifi and Bluetooth
  • Digital cameras
  • High quality music and video playback
  • Portability

Some things have not changed. Although the corporate name and logo have changed, they are still recognisably Apple.

As you will have probably guessed that first machine was an Apple ][ and the new machine is an iPod Touch. The iPod Touch will be my iOS 7 test device for the next few months.

We live in a truly remarkable world.