Breaking news - secrecy around Project Caribou starting to crack?

The tech blogosphere is abuzz today with news of a possible leak from the normally secretive Orielton Software. If proved to be genuine, this grainy, ill-composed photo may be our first glimse of the much speculated about Project Caribou from this small, but dynamic Tasmanian software house.

Sources familiar with the small iOS skunkworks have hinted about a new iPad application, code named Caribou within the organisation. It is understood that Caribou is the brainchild of Orielton Software's enigmatic founder and has been keeping the organisation busy since the project's inception in November last year.

Little is known publicly about the project but the leaked image seems to indicate some sort of card-based entertainment app. Sources close to the team indicate that version 1 of the application is functionally complete and in final testing. It is speculated that this new app may appear in the Apple App Store as soon as early April 2012. Industry pundits speculate that the release may be being delayed due to the need to upgrade graphics within the app to exploit the retina display capabilities of the new iPad.

If it comes to fruition, this will be the second product released by the maverick coding factory, located in sunny Orielton (referred to by some as Tasmania's Silicon Valley). Their first product, HV-Dialer, a high visibility iPhone dialer app, hit the market in November 2011 causing quite a stir in certain circles when it rocketed to a non-zero sales volume in the first days of release.

Tech bloggers have speculated from the poor quality of the image that this was taken covertly, possibly within Orielton Software's hi-tech testing lab. A spokesperson for Orielton Software dismissed the image as "like something taken by a toddler let loose with her father's iPhone", and declined to comment further.

Some industry commentators are concerned that the media storm around this sensational leak will overshadow other, perhaps more important though less exciting, recent happenings in the industry, such as the release of the new iPad and the announcement of dividends from Apple.