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WormWords - v1.6 now available - featuring extended games across multiple grids

Grimes - v1.4 now available - earn badges and challenge your friends

Racing Demon v1.1.1 available - For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Up to four players, new match types and more

Flipiac v1.2 available - minor updates to support iOS 7

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NOTE: Effective 2 October 2013 HV-Dialer has been removed from the App Store. For background to this decision see this blog post.

HV-Dialer is an easy to read, simplified front end to your iPhone phone. Eyesight not what it used to be? Sick of putting on reading glasses to make a phone call? Using your iPhone in a challenging visual environment? HV-Dialer can help.

HV-Dialer presents the contacts already stored on your iPhone in an easy to read format. Large controls and a simple design make it easy to find the contact you want. HV-Dialer then uses the standard iPhone phone application to make the call.

Identify your most frequently used numbers and put them into your favourites list for quick access and fast dialing.



HV-Dialer is ready to go 'out of the box' or can be easily customised to suit you:

- You can see all of your contacts or just see selected groups from your Address Book. This means that you can avoid having to scroll through long lists of infrequently used contacts to find the number you want.

- Avoid accidentally dialing the wrong person by customising whether you select with a single tap or a double tap, and whether you see a confirmation screen before dialing.

- Easily change the font size to suit your eyesight and operating environment.

Support pages:

If you have questions about using HV-Dialer, try our Introduction or Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Known bugs with HV-Dialer are listed here